Types of Workshop

Aims & objectives-

The major objective of the institute is to introduce SuryaNamaskar Saadhana to everybody for all sided personality development and to promote & propagate the Ancient Indian Sports, Arts & Knowledge on no-loss-no-profit basis. The slogan of the institute is “Complete Health Guarantee within Fifteen Minutes Only Everyday”

SuryaNamaskar Prashikshan Workships -

Saadhak: The ‘SuryaNamaskar Pranayam Prashikshan Workshop’ of five days is conducted, every week, in the institute and elsewhere on demand. It is organized to impart this Saadhana to the beginners, to communicate advanced skills to the SuryaNamaskar Saadhak, help the Saadhak to work as SuryaNamaskar Volunteers/Instructors and to guide the patients to alleviate their physical-mental ailments through the practice of SuryaNamaskar Saadhana. The medium of instruction for all the training workshops is either Marathi or Hindi or English

Citizens: The ‘SuryaNamaskar Pranayam Prashikshan Workshop’ of two days is conducted on demand for the group of minimum twenty five healthy citizens. Each session is of two hours duration every day. The medium of instruction is either Marathi or Hindi or English

Students: The ‘SuryaNamaskar Pranayam Prashikshan Workshop’ is conducted in the early morning for two hours in schools, colleges etc on demand. The institute helps the participants perform 12+01 SuryaNamaskar systematically with care and caution. The medium of instruction is either Marathi or Hindi or English

e-Training: Please visit www.suryanamaskar.info and refer to the home page to know more about e- SN Workshop.

SN Prapathak: Every Saturday at 6.30 to 8.00 a.m till one gets the confidence to conduct the course all by himself.

Registration: Registration for the workshop is mandatory and free of cost too.


Join and attend Prashikshan Workshop:
  • To eliminate all the doubts about the SuryaNamaskar Saadhana.
  • To accomplish the desired changes in the intellectual, mental, physical and spiritual behaviour of yourself.
  • To organize SuryaNamaskar Pranayam Prashikshan Workshop in your locality.
  • To train your mind to attain success with health and happiness in every field.
  • To get the physical feel of the following Shloka every day.
अकालमृत्‍यु हरणं सर्व व्‍याधिविनाशनम्
सूर्य पादोदकं तीर्थं जठरे धारयाम्‍यहम्।।
उरसा शिरसा दृष्‍ट्या वचसा मनसा तथा।
पदाभ्‍यां कराभ्‍यांजानुभ्‍यां प्रणामोऽष्‍टांग उच्‍यते।।
Objectives of SuryaNamaskar Pranayam Prashikshan Workshop :
  • To help the Sadhak practice the primary skills of SuryaNamaskar to learn this Sadhana from the AtmaaRaam.
  • To train SuryaNamaskar Saadhak to become SuryaNamaskar, Worker / Organizer / Instructor.
  • To train every SuryaNamaskar Sadhak, in the time span of one year, to organize SuryaNamaskar Pranayam Prashikshan Workshop independently by his own.
Instructions to Participants :
  • The language of instruction for the E-training in SuryaNamaskar - Pranayam is English/ Marathi/Hindi.
  • LE-training is available on SKYPE for one group of ten participants, belonging to one age group, at a time.
  • The age groups of the participants, male & female, are (A) 13-26 years, (B) 27-40 years, (C) 41-44 years, (D) 45-58 years, (E) 59-72 years, (F) 73- years and ahead.
  • LEach participant is expected to purchase at least one copy of SURYANAMASKAR SAADHANA (A Manual for Practitioners) or सूर्यनमस्‍कार एक साधना, कार्यपुसिका (साधकांसाठी). It is to be used as a text book during the Prashikshan Workshop.
  • Visit www.suryanamaskar.info download the Registration Form and e-mail the form along with the demand note for the text book/s.
  • In order to get specific guidance in the workshop please write down, in detail, about your physical ailments / diseases, if any, in the Registration Form. Please write down the prescription, with the dos & don’ts, of the doctor to alleviate the symptom.
  • After the reading of the Text Book is over the first practical Session will be held on Saturday from 6.30 to 8.30 a.m. IST,
  • The Concluding Part of the First Session contains the practice of the assignment to be performed by the group for the next week.
  • Each session ahead is divided into two parts- (A) Solutions and guidance for the physical ailments and mental inquires of the participants, (B) the practice of the practical work to be assigned for the next week.
  • Four more sessions, at least, on every Saturday are required to impart the basic skills of SuryaNamaskar Sadhana.
  • The certificate of participation in the e-Prashikshan Workshop will be awarded to the successful candidates after they have submitted at least three Monthly Performance Chart.
Instructions to Practise Weekly Assignment :
  • Avoid any intake, liquid or solid, for about three hours before starting SuryaNamaskar.
  • You may take light tea sixty minutes before taking bath.
  • Visit toilet, take bath and attend the venue five minutes before the schedule time.
  • Bring a bed sheet or a shawl with you. Fold it three/four times to turn it into SuryaNamaskar Aasana.
  • Bring one handkerchief / napkin with you.
Points to Ponder:
  • It is NOT our every day aim to perform MODEL SuryaNamaskar.
  • A careful and cautious performance to conclude the day’s Sadhana without generating any muscle pain anywhere on the body is our every day target.
  • It is the elasticity to sustain stretch-n-press that decides the power of muscles-n-mind. Unwanted and incorrect press-n-stretch may rupture the muscle tendons and break the mobility of the joints.
  • Apply only light press-n-stretch to the muscles in every physical posture.
  • It is not at all expected to give forceful jerk to attain a better position in the Aasana. Don’t let the muscles exert beyond their abilities.
  • While performing SuryaNamaskar try to correlate muscle exertion with extra intake of PranTatwa.
  • Try to activate more than 95 % of body muscle-cells, bit by bit, in parts, step by step.
    We would appreciate your helping hand in the publication of the books and other material useful to conduct SuryaNamaskar Pranayam Prashikshan Workshop.
  • You may serve the cause by practicing SuryaNamaskar regularly and punctually every day.
  • You may serve the cause by using your expertise in the field of publication.
  • Guide your contacts, who are interested in SuryaNamaskar, to participate in the Prashikshan Workshop.
  • Participate in “A Page Print Sponsorship” (Rupees one thousand only for one page). The list will be included in the next publication and you will get a free copy of the book too.
  • Donate or collect donation for printing purposes.
  • Organize SuryaNamaskar Pranayam Prashikshan Workshop at different places.

Title of the Saving A/C- ShriSuryaSthan Samarth Vidyarogya Kendra, Nashik
Saving Bank Account No- 600 634 54 976

IFSC: MAHB 0000214
Bank of Maharashtra, College Campus Branch, Nashik- 422005.
Please remind and insist the Bank Cashier to mention the name of the party crediting the amount to the account. To send you the copy of the book by Registered Post Parcel, submit your complete Postal Address with the PINCODE and the Mobile / Phone No

Wish you happy efforts in the practice of SuryaNamaskar Sadhana.