Aum Suryaaya Namah

The Sun God is one who always activates others and is full of activities too. He is the symbol of cosmic energy. The chariot of the Sun God is of seven horses. The horses represent the seven days of the week. They also stand for the seven colours of the rainbow. The seven power points in our body have different colours of their own. His work is colourful. It is endless and unlimited combination & permutation of colours. Nobody can pinpoint the exact time when the activities of the Sun God started. The span of time of His activities cannot be counted either. The end of His activities is beyond our imagination. HIS activities are varied. The food supplied to all the plants is the same but the rose is not the same as other flowers. All the leaves of different trees are not the same. The varieties of the trees and the leaves are uncountable. In this world there is no man alike in looks or in deeds. HE is omnipresent in all and every act. When the sun rises in the sky all the creatures & worms, birds & animals start their work. Pray the Sun God to give inspiration and energy to perform good deeds.

  • Hasta-pada-asan: Breath out.
  • The vital point: The Swadhistan Chakra.
  • The colour of the Chakra: Sindur / Saffron
  • Location: At the tip of the spine.
  • Ruling element: Jal, the water.
  • Relation to body: Taste. Tongue. Sleep.
  • Objectives: To stretch the muscles of the waist, back and shoulders.
  • Useful to treat and prevent: Urine problems, urine stone, sleeplessness, general debility (weakness). Muscle pain in the back, shoulders, throat, chest, stomach is relieved. Removes cough. Increases appetite. Helps remove gases and toxic material. Sound sleep is the result.
  • Fix your palms flat on the ground.
  • Adjust the big toes and the palms in line.
  • Keep shoulder distance between the palms.
  • Keep your legs straight and knees straightened.
  • Take help of the shoulders and the neck and try to touch your chin to the chest.
  • If possible try to touch your forehead to the knees.