A SuryaNamaskar Saadhak


Subhash Bhagwantrao Khardekar.
B.A; B.Ed: M.A.

Retired Vice Principal, (Shri D.D. Bytco Boys’ High School and Junior College, Nashik.) After retirement self declared, full time activist for the cause of SuryaNamaskar. In order to motivate the students to take to SuryaNamaskar, developed a web-site www.suryanamaskar.info The e-book in the language Marathi, Hindi, English is the separate part of the web-site and it can be downloaded free of charge. The people on a large scale from the country and outside refer to the web-site www.suryanamaskar.info to perform SuryaNamaskar. Approved lecturer in the subject, “SuryaNamaskar and Health”---Savitribai Fule Pune University Pune, Bhahishhal Shikahan Mandal.

Established a charitable registered institute ‘ShriSuryaSthan Samartha Vidyarogya Kendra, Nashik to project the idea of ‘Complete Health Guarantee Within Fifteen Minutes Only Every day’ SuryaNamaskar and Sanskrit is the core principle of the institute for bringing about all sided development of all the males and females of all the age groups and also for propagating and promoting the Ancient Indian Wisdom-Sports-Arts.

Conduct SuryaNamaskar Pranayam Prashikshan Workshop of five days every week throughout the year.

The text book for the Prashikshan Workshop in Marathi सूर्यनमस्‍कार एक साधना कार्यपुस्तिका (साधकांसाठी फक्‍त) is published on the auspicious day of Daas-Navami 2012, at Sajjangad, by the hands of His Holiness Honourable Bhushan Swaami, a descendent of Samartha Raamdaas Swaami and Adhikarti Swaami of Shri RaamDaas Swaami Sansthaan, Sajjangad, Satara.

For the last thirteen years imparting training in SuryaNamaskar as religious ritual to Saadhak (Practitioners) of all the age groups.

The primary aim of this book SURYANAMASKAR SAADHANA (A Manual for Practitioners) is to help the Saadhak, all over the world, learn SuryaNamaskar methodically and systematically. The other objective of the book is to train every SuryaNamaskar Saadhak to become a mouthpiece of this Saadhana to spread the message in the entire universe.

At this moment the most important person for me is YOU. I am eager to share your experience in the Saadhana and pray to Prabhu RaamChandra to grant all your wishes through SuryaNamaskar Saadhana.

Now it is our combined responsibility to turn every household in the world into a centre of SuryaNamaskar and every member of the family to pass on this Saadhana to others. (Appendix Nine- extract from SURYANAMASKA SAADHANA- A Manual for Practitioners, the English Text Book of the SuryaNamaskar Pranayam Prashikshan Workshop.)