Aum Ravaye Namah

Aum Ravaye Namah: The meaning of the word Ravi is Tej. Glow. Shine. Good behaved pious men; saints and sages have this glow on their faces. This is the Tej of the Sun God. We bow to such people to get their blessings. The light of the moon and stars, the heat of fire and the fire in the Yadnya Kunda everything is the Tej of the Sun God. The heat of the body, the heat that digests food (Jatharaagni) is the presence of the Sun God in our body. If you are not well at stomach just don’t eat after the sunset. The presence of the Sun God, during daytime, will digest the food. The seven power points (Sapta Chakra) in our body represent the Sun God. These seven points control and govern our physical and mental activities. They are the source of heat and energy to all our activities. If there is no heat in our body we are cold – we are no more. Worship this Tej of the Sun God.

  • Urddhva-hasta-asan. (Breath in.)
  • The vital point: The Vishudha Chakra.
  • The colour of the Chakra: Colour of smoke.
  • Location: At the base of the neck.
  • Ruling Element: The space.
  • Relation to body: Sound and speech. The ears and the speech organs.
  • Objectives: To give upward stretch to all muscles in the body, from ankles to the index fingers.
  • Useful to treat and prevent: Swelling (Internal and external), knot in the muscle, wound with pus, pus discharge from eyes, pimples and freckles on skin, etc. Relieves the pain of the neck shoulders, arms, ankles, wrists. Gives press and stretch to all the muscles from ankles to neck. Chemical and physical process of respiration becomes strong and healthy. Result is increase in the body height and health.
  • Close the palms together. Put hands straight up.
  • Straighten your hands and legs.
  • Fix your heels on the ground.
  • Close your right toe and heel with the left.
  • Give upward stretch to your hands and legs.
  • Look at the palms.
  • Bend your head backward slowly, gracefully.
  • Form an arch of the body above the waist.