Aum Pushne Namah

The word Pushnaihi means one that provides nutrition. The sun is the source of all types of food and medicines. Food is the only source of energy, other than that of Cosmic Energy, that builds our body. It gives wisdom–n-intellect to perceive the meaning of things-n-thoughts and power to act accordingly. So you should be grateful to the sun god for providing food to you. You should give respect and regard to the food you eat. Engaging yourself in other activities while eating food is a sort of insult to the food and to the Sun God. Hence, watching TV, reading or playing games while eating should be avoided. The sun, directly or indirectly, offers light, heat and energy round the clock. The Sun God is all very important for us to sustain life. You may have read news in the newspaper. The news is to the effect that there is a man who eats nothing. He is without food for years together. He drinks only water and eats no food. He does Yogasana, in the open field, in the morning and in the evening at a particular time. The SuryaTej provides him energy to perform the routine work of the day. Do you know that a baby tortoise gets its nourishment through the affectionate look of the mother tortoise? Here, offer your respect to the sun God for providing you with food, light, heat, and energy.

  • Sastang-namaskara-asan: Retain breath. (Kumbhak)
  • The vital point: The Manipur Chakra.
  • The colour of the Chakra: Blue
  • Location: At the navel.
  • Ruling element: The Agni, The fire.
  • Relation to body: Sight and feeling. The eyes and the brain.
  • Objectives: To lift up the centre part of the body to massage the entire muscles of the belly.

Useful to treat and prevent: Asthma, piles, arthritis, digestion problems etc. It builds healthy body. Bright eyes, glow on the face, dark-n-long hair, long standing stamina and strong body is the result. The involvement of brain and mind in all your activities become keen and sharp.

  • Don’t move the palms and the toes.
  • Take the body weight on your hands.
  • Rest the knees on the floor.
  • Bend the arms at the elbow.
  • Press the chin to the chest.
  • Touch the ground with the eight points of your body.
  • (Forehead, chest, knees, palms, toes.)
  • Push both the elbows inside, towards each other.
  • Uplift and hold the hip part of your body.