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SURYANAMASKAR SAADHANA (A Manual for Practitioners)

By- Subhash Bhagwantrao Khardekar

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TEXT BOOK of SuryaNamaskar Pranayam Prashikshan Workshop
Size of the Book- 14 X 22 cm, Pages- 425, Photographs-08, Diagrams- 37, Rupees. 500.00 + 40.00 Postage in India, Outside $70.00+ Postage COPY RIGHTS / (ISBN) 978-81-924424-1-9


A Gateway to Mental and Physical well-being It Contains the Spiritual base of SuryaNamaskar Saadhana. It is a help to the mind to accept SuryaNamaskar Saadhana wholeheartedly. The empowered mind, in turn, gives support to the body to perform this PHYSICAL SuryoPaasana regularly.


A Manual for Practitioners

This part contains guided exercises to worship gross Body and subtle Chaitanya. It is a sort of training to the Body to use muscle-power and mental strength to perform SuryaNamaskar. Each physical posture of SuryaNamaskar is explained in four parts-

  • General method of performing each Aasana .
  • Different skills of performing every SuryaNamaskar.
  • Various reflections experienced on the body, if incorrect method is used.
  • To develop total awareness to receive only the positive, life rejuvenating experiences of SuryaNamaskar Sadhana.


This is the concluding Practice Session of the SuryaNamaskar Pranayam Prashikshan Workshop. It is the practical of how to use fifteen minutes, after taking bath, to ensure total health every day.


A Key to Personality Development

This part explicates that SuryaNamaskar is unique of its type to ward off all physical and mental diseases and to attain all sided Personality Development. It contains the basic information to help the mind to go deep into the intellectual problems in the SuryaNamaskar Saadhana. It is a help to the brain to recollect the forgotten memory of SuryaNamaskar Saadhana. The union of mind-n-brain is a great help to the Saadhak to remain steadfast in the Sadhana.