Naman to Lord Vishnu-Shiva-Bhaanu

अलंकारः प्रियो विष्‍णु जलधारा शिव प्रीयाः
नमस्‍कारः प्रियो भानु ब्राह्मणो मधुरः प्रीया ||

Lord Vishnu is worshipped with ornaments.
Lord Shiva is worshipped with Jalabhishek. (Constant water flow on head.)
The Sun God is worshipped with SuryaNamaskar.
And Brahman loves sweets.


You worship lord Vishnu with the work you do. Every work that you do should be excellent in every respect. It should be made of pure gold. Agni (the fire) removes all impurities from it. Improve and renovate all your activities in the LIGHT of the Sun God. Make your work glitteringly bright. Make it outstanding and attractive in all respect. Dedicate such a work, such an ornament to Lord Vishnu. You can, of course, offer gold ornaments to Lord Vishnu. The money you use to buy ornaments should be earned through thoroughly just and fair means.

Lord Shiva has the river Ganga on His head. This symbol indicates to remain calm and peaceful in every adverse situation. Your efforts in attaining excellence in every work should be like a flow of water. The attempts you make should be steady and progressive just like the flow of river - ever running towards the destination. The water is Jeewan (Life force). The word means ‘life giving’. Your efforts should rejuvenate your life and the life of others also. While using your physical and mental capacity in your efforts you should be cool and calm just like water is. You can’t separate coldness from water. Don’t have any tension; don’t be anxious about the results. Have complete faith in God. Dedicate your work to HIM.

The world Bhanu means the Sun God, the light of knowledge. Try to increase the intake of the SuryaTej in your body. SuryaTej is Chaitnya, the life force in our body. Our body is just like an earthen pot. In order to hold this Chaitnya for a long time in this earthen pot bake it hard in the PranTatwa of the Sun God. The practice of SuryaNamaskar everyday, early in the morning, is the real worship to the Sun God. The Sun God is the source of energy to all. Perform SuryaNamaskar in order to keep the body healthy and to get the stamina to work in a better manner. The more you work the more energetic you become.

The word Brahman means the person who knows what Brahma is. “The Paramaatma, the supreme self is present in every living and non-living thing. HE alone navigates this entire universe. The heat / energy / life force in your body is the presence of Brahma / the Sun God”. One who knows these things collects and distributes nectar to everybody. He is a sweet tongued person and loved and respected and wanted by all.

||Jai Jai RaghuVeer Samarth||