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Dear SuryaNamaskar Saadhak,
It is a well-known fact that SuryaNamaskar is an all-round exercise for all, young and old, men and women. The truth is as real and as clear as the Sun in the sky. It requires no canvassing to prove its worth. The actual systematic practice is the only evidence to confirm the assets you get through SuryaNamaskar. For this purpose proper guidance is required.

At the age of seventy-four Mr. Shejwal, who was my school teacher, used to perform SuryaNamaskar daily. He is my source of inspiration for this work. My attempts to teach SuryaNamaskar to my grand daughters, Nanu and Manu, put me into an urgent need to read something more about this art. The reading and the questions they would ask made me think and rethink over the subject again and again. This process of learning was a magic wand that drastically changed my life style. In the course of time, thirteen years before, I became a self declared full-time activist for the cause of SuryaNamaskar.

SuryaNamaskar is globally acclaimed as the best body exercise for all the persons of all the age groups. It is a real training to our body soul and mind to maintain health and happiness everyday. This website is my first and the prime attempt to motivate you to practice SuryaNamaskar daily. It was first published on the auspicious day of Rathasaptami 2007. The present website, to be inaugurated on the Rathasaptami 2016, consists some of your significant suggestions and the progress graph of the institute in the field of SuryaNamaskar.

The subject matter of ShrimadBhagwadGeeta is the conflict between to be or not to be. The theme of this spiritual text is the topic of combat, quarrel, battle, war that keeps the cycle of joy and sorrow, pain and pleasure, victory and defeat ever going on with every individual for all the time. ShrimadDnyaneshwari enlightens this conquest and defeat in the spiritual context of Hinduism. Raashtra Guru Samarth Raamdaas Swami explicitly advocates the same theme pragmatically in the Granthraj Daasbodh. The text consists of the spiritual wisdom that helps sustain the victorious state of mind in all odds and complex situations of life. SuryoPasana is one of the ways and means to attain Health-n- Happiness all throughout the life span. SuryaNamaskar is one among the scores of SuryoPasana. Samarth Raamdaas Swami started the divine task of restoration of this forgotten Saadhana at Aagar Takali (Maharashtra). The SupremeSelf residing in our body is supposed to impart the Saadhana to us. In order to learn the Saadhan from Him some basic skills are a must to everybody. All these basics are incorporated in the English, Marathi and Hindi e-book.

The following useful and suitable information is included in the informative part of the web-site. The information of the twelve Surya Mantra of the Sun God and their correlation to the activities of the sun in the sky are highlighted. The vital points in the body (the Sapta Chakra), their locations and the Elements they represent are pointed out at each of the twelve Asana. The concentration at the particular Vital Point in the body, while performing each Asana, itself communicates the methodology of SuryaNamaskar. The press-n-stretch you feel in the muscle while doing a particular position in the SuryaNamaskar is explained. The real feel of press-n-stretch at the particular part of the body ascertains your success in the process. The usefulness of SuryaNamaskar, to prevent and cure certain ailments and diseases, is also stated. The part that contains breathing exercise as well as the BijaAkshar leads you a step ahead towards excellence in performing SuryaNamaskar. The last part contains some practical suggestions that includes some useful “dos and don’ts”. The short informative clips in this section will help you prevent incorrect move in any of the Asana. If you have taken to SuryaNamaskar for Some special achievement the Registration Form for the Prashikshan and the Chart of Daily performance is also included in the e-book.

Each of the twelve Asana is divided into four stages. The main objectives of each Stage are 1. To experience the press-n-stretch on the specific muscles and leave the rest in free and relaxed position. 2. To watch out the process of breathing. 3. To concentrate on the Chakra involved in each Asana. 4. To do all the actions in one stroke maintaining the rhythm of breathing-n-actions, time-n-speed.

Since from the very first day of the publication of the, I have been receiving feedback from the beginners and the Saadhak of SuryaNamaskar. The varied responses, the Prashikhan Workshop and my daily practice are the three major sources that enrich my Saadhana every day. This enrichment that leads to health-n-happiness is really enchanting. In order to make an unending human chain to pass on this magic wand of Complete Health we have founded a registered charitable institute on the auspicious day of GuruPourniama 2011. The name of the institute is Shri SuryaSthan Samarth Vidyarogya Kendra, Nashik.

With the support of the members of the institute various activities were successfully realized. The text book of the SuryaNamaskar Pranayam Prashikshan Workshop SURYANAMASKAR SAADHANA (A Manual for Practitioners) was published. This book of four hundred twenty five pages is an enlarged copy of the website where every item, theoretical and practical, included in the five day workshop is explicitly and exhaustively dealt with. The text book in Marathi namely सूर्यनमस्कार एक साधना, कार्यपुस्तिका (साधकांसाठी फक्त) is published. The AUDIO CD namely the 'Concluding Saadhana of the SuryaNamaskar Pranayam Prashikshan Workshop' in English, Marathi, Hindi and Sanskrit is published. This CD contains the Power Point Presentation of more than hundred slides wherein all the audio instructions and the explanations wherever necessary is given. The time duration of the CD is of eighty five minutes and you are supposed to perform 12+01 SuryaNamaskar listening to one folder, among the three, for thirteen weeks each.

मेदवृद्धीतून मुक्ती, श्वसनविकारातून मुक्ती, मन-बुद्धी-स्मरणशक्‍ती These three books describe the three major body systems namely Digestive-Respiratory-Sensory Systems. Each book imparts the practical know how of the method to prevent all the ailments of the system by loading it with heavy PraanTatwa. The other helpful publications to perform SuryaNamaskar daily are the Wall Charts in Marathi, Hindi and English language. The Power Point Presentation, useful to deliver lecture on the subject SuryaNamaskar is made available in Marathi, Hindi, and English. The Institute undertakes to promote this Indian Ancient Art of SuryaNamaskar through Google Map, Google+, Face-book, Skype, E-mail, Cell-phone, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines etc. The institute conducts Five-day SuryaNamaskar Pranayam Prashikshan Workshop every week. The courses are also conducted elsewhere on demand. The people from the country and outside are in contact with the institute to receive some guidance in the process of SuryaNamaskar. They send e-mail in the form of inquiry, guidance, doubts, or compliments. Each of the mails is answered in the light of SuryaNamaskar.

The writing of the book SURYANAMASKAR (A Scientific Way to Get Healthy) is in progress. This book contains guide lines to prove all the scientific properties of SuryaNamaskar Saadhana physically in the laboratory of Flesh-n-Blood.

In order to establish one’s worth in this fast Developing Age one has to keep tune with time. The main scenario of the modern time, in every walk of life, is the heavy workload with all sorts of responsibilities and cutthroat competition. They consume your health and grant you various diseases. I need not name them but to give you the prime fact I would say that the practice of SuryaNamaskar keeps you healthy and happy. It awards you the ability to take the path of success. Try to perform three SuryaNamaskar, systematically, methodically within fifteen minutes, at least for a month and towards the end of the month, I am sure, you are bound to be in love with this art of SuryaNamaskar. Gradually, as you practice ahead, the number of SuryaNamaskar may reach to maximum FIFTY while the span of time remains the same.

This is a free web sight. You can take a print out copy or download the material free of cost. It is my appeal to you and your friend circle to make maximum use of this free web-sight. Practice SuryaNamaskar regularly and punctually. If you have any problem regarding the SN practice feel free to contact the institute at any time.

I pray Lord Rama to grant you all the health and happiness.

My granddaughters' (Vaidhehi Salkade and Manasi Shrotriys) root inquiry about the SuryaNamaskar Saadhana is the basic source of the website. Hats off to them and to all the persons, who have helped and encouraged me to prepare this web-site.

This is your web site and in order to make it more useful I urge you to give your feed back in the form of queries, comments, suggestions etc. This is the only way to evaluate my performance and I assure you to incorporate your needful demands to make your website more effective and more informative to all the students and theSaadhak.

Rathsaptami- 2016

Yours Sadhak brotherly,
Shri SuryaSthan Samarth Vidyarogya Kendra, Nashik