Aum Mitraya Namah

The sun is your friend. HE is called Jaganmitra. HE is lovable like a true friend. You miss HIM in his absence. You always long to experience the joy of his warmth and affection. If the sun is not in the sky you get disturbed – bodily and mentally. Your appetite is lost. Nervousness takes hold of your activities. You gather friends to restore your mood. You eat hot and drink hot and talk a lot to compensate the absence of the warmth and joy of the Sun God. If you go to a doctor to treat this nervousness and indigestion he gives you medicines to keep your body warm and keep the worms off too. After raining when there is the sun again in the sky the whole nature, the personal and universal, is changed instantly. The entire cosmos is filled with pure joy. Now you can understand why the people from far off countries come to India to enjoy SunBath. The touch of twilight has dramatic effect on our body. It is a touch of warmth and care. It is a magic touch. It is a healing touch. It is the touch of mother that calms down the crying child instantly. The touch of love and affection of the Sun God cures our physical and mental worries. The Sun God is to us as Lord Krishna is to Arjuna. He is the navigator of our life. He is the true friend of the entire universe. Pray the sun God who is intimate and dear to us.

  • PranaamaAasan: Retain your breath. (Kumbhak)
  • The vital point: The Anahat Chakra.
  • The colour of the Chakra: Yellow as that of the rising sun.
  • Location: In the centre of the chest.
  • Ruling element: The wind, Vaayu.
  • Relation to body: Touch. the Skin.
  • Objectives: To increase the elasticity of chest.
  • Useful to treat and prevent: Nervous breakdown, fits, sensory deprivation etc. The chest cavity is enlarged to inhale more oxygen. The supply of more oxygen to all the cells activates the muscles. The experience of more energy and happiness is the result.
  • Stand straight.
  • Close the right toe and heel with the left.
  • Hands in Namaskaar position.
  • Palms closed. Fingers closed. At right angle to the ground.
  • Thumb ends touching the middle part of the chest.
  • Forearms in line with the ground.
  • Put your chest out.
  • Press your shoulders backward and pull them downwards.
  • Keep your eyes on your nose-tip.