Aum Marichaye Namah

Marich means mirage. A person in the desert gets to see a big pond of water at a long distance. It is the heat and the rays of the sun that form the fake image of water. It is not actual water. In fact the person can’t reach that point of water. If he runs after the mirage to quench his thirst he will receive death but no water. The Sun God is the creator of all types of mirages. HE is the creator of illusions, good and bad. HE is the originator of all good and bad impressions of life. HE is the commander of all such things. Our eyesight, to look at life, is very short and small. It can focus on a very small portion of time, space and event. Hence, we form wrong impressions of life. We have wrong ideas of life. We have wrong desires to fulfill in our life. We work hard to get what we actually don’t want. We don’t know what life really is. In this way we walk on the wrong path of life and our precious time is wasted in vain. We worship the Sun God to save us from the mirage of life. The other meaning of the word Marich means one who makes us aware of the sin. The word Marich also means the power that cures diseases. Here, pray the Sun God to give the wisdom to know what is good and what is bad for life.

  • Parvata-asan: Breathe out.
  • The vital point: The Vishudha Chakra.
  • The colour of the Chakra: Colour of smoke.
  • Location: At the base of the neck.
  • Ruling element: Aakash. The Space.
  • Relation to body: Sound and speech. Ears and speech organs.
  • Objectives: To give upward stretch to the waist.

Useful to treat and prevent: Swelling (Internal and external), knot in the muscle, wound with pus, pus discharge from eyes, pimples and freckles on skin, etc. Relieves the pain of the neck shoulders, arms, ankles, wrists. Gives press and stretch to all the muscles from ankles to neck. Chemical and physical process of respiration becomes strong and healthy. Result is increase in the body height and health.

  • Don’t move the position of the feet and the palms.
  • Raise up the middle part of your body.
  • Form a triangle with the palms waist and feet.
  • Touch the heels to the ground.
  • Put your arms and legs straight.
  • Straighten your elbows and knees.
  • Pull your head towards the knees.
  • Touch the chin to the chest.
  • Fix your eyes on the nose-tip.