Aum Khagaaya Namah

Aum Khagaaya Namah: Khaga means space, Akash, and gama means go - one who travels through the sky. It indicates the presence of the sun, the sun-rays and the sun-warmth everywhere in the space. You can’t find a pinch of place in the sea without seawater so is the sun in the universe. There is no place, neither in our body nor outside in the entire universe, without the sunrays. You yourself can experience this fact. Close your eyes. Ask someone to put on and off the electric tube light. Though your eyes are closed, you get the feel of the tube light. You can measure and count time in days, weeks, months, years because of the sunrise and the sunset. The sun reminds us of the passing days and years. Life is the sum total of days, weeks, months and years. With His own example HE prompts us not to waste time. Wasting time in doing nothing is going fast near to the death point. It is a slow suicide. So pray to the Sun God to give us energy and wisdom to use the life span in the self-help and in the service to others.

  • Makara-asan: Breath out.
  • The vital point: The Vishudha Chakra.
  • The colour of the Chakra: Colour of smoke.
  • Location: At the base of the neck.
  • Ruling element: the Aakash, The space.
  • Relation to body: Sound and speech. Ears and speech organs.
  • Objectives: To give downward stretch toward the feet.

Useful to treat and prevent: Swelling (Internal and external), knot in the muscle, wound with pus, pus discharge from eyes, pimples and freckles on skin, etc. Relieves the pain of the neck, shoulders, arms, ankles, wrists. Gives stress and stretch to all the muscles from ankles to neck. Chemical and physical process of respiration becomes strong and healthy. Result is increase in the body height and health

  • Close the right leg with the left.
  • Keep both the hands in the same position.
  • Take the weight of the body on the hands and the shoulders.
  • Lift the shoulders up.
  • Stretch the right leg backwards.
  • Close the feet. Stretch them straight backwards.
  • Straighten your legs and knees, arms and elbows.
  • Keep the body - head to heels - in straight line in slanting position
  • Fix ther eyes on the ground at the right angle to the body.