(First set of Instructions)

PanchaSutra of SuryaNamaskar

It is the elasticity to sustain press and stretch that decides the power of muscles-n-mind.

Wherever the mind is focused energy is formed.

Try to correlate the PranTatwa with muscle exertion.

Try to activate more than 95 % of body muscle-cells.

Use your, every little, ability to bring the concept of SuryaNamaskar into daily performance.

Immediately after taking bath, perform 12+01 SuryaNamaskar every day.

Utilize fifteen minutes to perform fourth, eight and twelfth SuryaNamaskar. Make use of five minutes each to perform the underlined three SuryaNamaskar. (3X5=15) Aum Mitraaya Namah, Aum Ravaye Namah, Aum Suryaaya Namah, Aum Bhaanave Namah;

Aum Khagaaya Namah, Aum Pushne Namah, Aum Hiranyagarbhaaya Namah, Aum Marichaaye Namah;

Aum Aadityaaya Namah, Aum Savitre Namah, Aum Arkaaya Namah, Aum Bhaaskaraaya Namah.

Perform +1 SuryaNamaskar after you have recited the Mantra- Aum ShriSavitru SuryaNaaraayanaay Namah.

While performing these three SuryaNamaskar, take the feel of the stretch-n-press given on the particular part of the body. Keep the rest part of the body free from unwanted muscle tension. Keep the hip-part loose.

Keep your mind on the Urja Chakra of the particular Aasana. Observe the prescribed pattern of breathing scrupulously in each of the Asana.

Wait for a while after you have attained the utmost position in the Aasana. Please try to avoid unwanted and incorrect stretch-n-press in every Aasana.

Observe that the same muscles, you have given stretch-n-press to, are being relieved of tension.

You have committed a mistake if other muscles are being relieved of tension. Correct yourself in the next Aasana.

Recite the next SuryaMantra and move to the next Asaana. While performing the Aasana recollect the meaning of the SuryaMantra.

Perform the rest of the SuryaNamaskar without considering the time element. Take care to keep the hip-part free of muscle tension.

The ability- mental & physical– used for the first SuryaNamaskar should be the same for the last SuryaNamaskar. The mind should be tied up with the act of SuryaNamaskar and there should be no physical fatigue at all.

Perform Pranayam & Supplementary Exercises to SuryaNamaskar, as practised in the Workshop, at least once a week.

If you experience muscle pains after the practice in SuryaNamaskar, perform Naadishodhan Pranayam systematically for a day or two. (You may discontinue the regular SuryaNamaskar practice for a day or two.)

Activate all the acupressure points on the feet and palms. Please observe the ‘fixed’ time for clapping early in the morning.

Use some mild laxative once a week. Try to rectify your food habits.

Perform SuryaNamaskar with ease and comfort. Model SuryaNamaskar is not our aim at all.

The crucial aim is to perform SuryaNamaskar without generating any sort of muscle pain anywhere on the body.

It is not at all expected of you to give unwanted, incorrect press or stretch to the body muscles while performing SuryaNamaskar.

Every act of SuryaNamaskar is a sort of recurring invitation to the particular muscles cells of the body to incorporate in the SuryaNamaskar activity.

But be very careful about the right feel of the particular stretch-n-press on the specific part of the body.

The involvement of the muscle cells in SuryaNamaskar should be rewarded with ample supply of PranTatwa each time.

Please be aware of the fact that the unwanted and incorrect stretch-n-press given to the muscle may tear the muscles or break the tendons.

Increase only three SuryaNamaskar after thirteen weeks.

If you ever experience any muscle pain anywhere on the body, try to locate the UrjaChakra of the Aasana where you have committed the mistake. If possible, try to perform the Aasana using only the primary skills otherwise drop the Aasana for a day or two. (Refer to the Text Book of the workshop) Make use of the material published by the institute. It will be a good help to remain steadfast in the Saadhana.

Always use vegetarian, fresh, hot, cooked food. Discard all kinds of readymade food.

Perform SuryaNamaskar daily with deep understanding so that you can impart this art to all your family members – your better half, kids, parents, friends, relatives, neighbours, citizens and the world citizens at large.

I pray SadGuru Samarth Raamdaas Swami to grant Health and Happiness to you and all your family members.