Aum Hiranyagarbhaaya Namah

The word Hiranya means gold, golden. Gold is dear to us. Everybody loves to possess it because it is pure in every respect. It is a pure currency. It is the absolute TRUTH like the PranTatwa. The craving for gold is unlimited. The sun gives us pure gold. Agni, the fire burns out all the impurities from the gold ore. The twilight is golden in colour. It covers the entire universe in its fold. It turns the entire universe into gold – pure gold. The time of twilight is the best period for meditation / Tapa or study. The sunlight makes everything visible. The son has given birth to the universe. So Hiranyagarbha means the womb of the entire universe. The sun element is everywhere in the cosmos. The centre part of the earth and other planets is hot as the sun. This is why all the stars and planets rotate round the orbit and remain in their right position because of the sun. All the stars and planets have (evolved) developed gradually from the sun. The Sun God is the creator of all the living and non-living things. The sun God is omnipotent. The cycle of nature – the Sun, the water, the clouds, the winds, the rain and the farming –ever goes on only because of the Sun God. HE is all-powerful, possessing complete and unlimited power, energy and authority over everything and everybody. HE is the master of the entire universe. Focus your attention on HIS ability and capacity and pray HIM to give a tiny part of HIS ability as HIS blessings.

  • Bhujanga-asan: Breathe in.
  • The vital point: The Swadhisthaan Chakra.
  • The colour of the Chakra: Sindur / saffron.
  • Location: At the tip of the spine.
  • Ruling element: Jal. The water.
  • Relation to body: Taste. Tongue. Sleep.
  • Objectives: To inhale as much Cosmic Energy as possible.

Useful to treat and prevent: Urine problems, urine stone, sleeplessness, general debility (weakness). Muscle pain in the back, shoulders, throat, chest, stomach is relieved. Removes cough and increases appetite. Helps remove gases and toxic material. Health and Sound sleep is the result.

  • Don’t disturb the position of the palms.
  • Keep the arms straight. Straighten the elbow.
  • Throw the head and the shoulders back.
  • Puff up and enlarge your chest.
  • Look towards the sky.
  • Pull the waist towards the centre between the palms.
  • Don’t disturb the position of the feet.
  • Touch the knees to the ground.
  • Form arch like position.