Future Publications 2016-17

SuryaNamaskar (A Scientific Way to Get Healthy)

In this ENGLISH book the thirteen commandments of SuryaNamaskar are explained comprehensively. Without the know-how of all these basic skills it's not possible to learn this Saadhana from the Supreme Spirit residing in the body. These are the thirteen divine tools of the Saadhana that help dive deep at the core of SuryoPasana. The ultimate aim of the entire range of SuryoPasana is to provide and maintain health and happiness of every being. This book contains guide lines to prove all the scientific properties of SuryaNamaskar Sadhana physically in the laboratory of Flesh-n-Blood.

पाच दिवसांचा सूर्यनमस्कार प्राणायाम प्रशिक्षण वर्ग एकाच वेळेला अनेक ठिकाणी सुरूवात करता येणे शक्य व्हावे यासाठी प्रशिक्षण वर्गाची ऑडिओ सीडी प्रसिद्ध करणे.

In order to arrange multiple courses at a time the Audio CD of the five day SuryaNamaskar Pranayam Prashikshan Workshop is to be published.