Aum Bhaanave Namah

The word ‘Bhanu’ means ‘light’, the day-light. Darkness indicates ignorance and light intelligence. The sun removes darkness and makes us wise. The tug of war, in your mind, always puts you into puzzles. It is the Aadnya Chakara that guides you to take the right decision. In this way the sun God is the source of enlightenment to all of us. HE is the model example for us all. Be HIS follower. Perform your deeds in the light of the Sun. Be helpful to others as the sun takes care of us all. Expect no returns for your services to others, for the sun demands nothing from you. The other examples in this ‘light’ are the rivers and the trees and etc. In fact the entire nature is the living model that communicates the spirit of the Sun God. Bow to the DnyanSurya, the wisdom of the Sun God, to make us clever and intelligent.

  • Ardha-bhujanga-asan: Breathe in.
  • The vital point: The Adnya Chakra.
  • The colour of the Chakra: Lotus white.
  • Location: Between the two eyebrows.
  • Ruling element: the Aakash. (Maanas)
  • Relation to body: Mind
  • Objectives: To give downward stretch to the left leg.

Useful to treat and prevent: Respiratory diseases, hypertension etc. Thoughts become clear, brain bright concentration sharp. Result: Intellectual work with confidence. Muscle pains in thighs, neck, back, knees, calves, ankles are relieved.

  • Move the left leg backwards.
  • Keep the right foot and the palms firm on the ground.
  • Maximum body weight of the right leg.
  • Stretch the left leg backwards.
  • Touch the left knee and toe to the ground.
  • Fold the right knee. (The calf, the back part of the thigh and the last rib of the right chest touching each other.)
  • Keep both the hands straight. Lift up the shoulders.
  • Put your chest out. Lift up the shoulders to touch the head.
  • Push your head backwards.
  • Look towards the sky.