Aum Arkaaya Namah

The meaning of the word Arka means extract. The sun is the concentrated form of life. HE is the essence of life. HE is the pure extract of how one’s life should be. HIS is the guiding light that enlightens our path of life. HE is the wisdom of life for us. HE is the model example for us to learn the art of living. The nonstop activity for the welfare of all the living and non-living, without expecting anything in return, is the ‘real light’ of the Sun God. The Sun God is unaware of HIS enormous and unlimited activities. HE is passive to any result; good or bad, of HIS own actions. HE looks at HIS own actions as a third person. HE doesn’t involve HIMSELF in his action. In fact HE doesn’t think that HE has performed such a huge task. Honey is the essence of flowers. But the flowers are not present in it. In the same way the sun remains absent from HIS actions. In fact the Sun God is the action, the actor and the outcome of the performance.

It is very difficult to follow and practice the path of the Sun God. But this is the only way of life to be happy. So worship the Sun God to give you the inspiration to follow HIS precept.

  • Pranaama-asan: Retain your breath. (Kumbhak)
  • The vital point: The Anaahat Chakra.
  • The colour of the Chakra: Yellow as that of the rising sun. Location: In the centre of the chest.
  • Ruling element: The wind, Vayu.
  • Relation to body: Touch. Skin.
  • Objectives: To increase the elasticity of chest.

Useful to treat and prevent: Nervous breakdown, fits, sensory deprivation etc. The chest cavity is enlarged to inhale more oxygen. The supply of more oxygen to all the cells activates the muscles. The experience of more energy and happiness is the result.

  • Refer to Aum Mitraya Namah. Pranama-asan.
  • Stand straight.
  • Close the right toe and heel with the left.
  • Put your chest out.
  • Press your shoulders backward and pull them downwards.
  • Keep your eyes on your nose-tip.
  • Hands in Namaskar position.
  • Palms closed. Fingers closed at right angle to the ground.
  • Thumb touching the middle part of the chest.
  • Forearms in line with the ground.