Appeal to All

Dear SuryaNamaskar Saadhak,
This world is beautiful and joyful for the PranTatwa / the Chaitanya that governs and sustains the universe is present in the entire cosmos always and ever. In order to preserve, enhance and enjoy the ecstasy of it one should have peaceful mind in the sound body. SuryaNamaskar is the only source that grants you rejuvenating energy for the coming twenty-four hours, everyday. This Saadhana is unique of its type and has no alternative. It is the crowning glory of Yogaasana. It is a great celestial contribution of the Hindu Vedic Civilization to the world to enhance health and happiness of every human being. Practice this art daily as your NityaKarma. Have faith and patience in your Saadhana. Sooner or later you are going to achieve the goal you have desired for.

SuryaNamaskar is a personal Saadhana, it is a NityaKarma- a compulsory routine for everybody, everyday. Though it is a personal Saadhana, your final aim should be to perform SuryaNamaskar daily with deep understanding so that you can impart this art to all your family members – your better half, kids, parents, friends, relatives, neighbours, citizens and the world citizens at large. Every family in the world should be the centre of SuryaNamaskar Saadhana and every family member should work for the cause of SuryaNamaskar.

In order to bring this goal into practice start your own organization. Name it “Shri SuryaSthan Samarth Vidyarogya Kendra”. SuryaTej / ParanShakti / Cosmic Energy is everywhere in the cosmos. Your body is the place of residence (Sthan) of this Chaitanya. Every BODY is the abode of Wisdom & Health. (Vidya & Aarogya) This Cosmic Energy governs and sustains the entire universe. This is the AtmaaRaam / ParamTatwa / our deity of worship. It is omnipotent and omnipresent hence it is called “Samarth”. Worship the deity with the practice of SuryaNamaskar daily. Perform SuryaNamaskar every day. Dedicate the total number of SuryaNamaskar performed during the month to your KulaDevata or your Spiritual Guru on the day of Ekadashi (or on the last day of) every month).

The Annual Day of your organization is Jeshta Shudddha Trayodashi. (It can be any day that is a landmark in the social, religious, spiritual heritage of your country.) It is the day of Coronation Ceremony of RajaShivaChatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. On this auspicious day perform SuryaNamaskar in a group. Send, by post, the list of candidates you have trained, in the art of SuryaNamaskar, to ShriMaruti DevaSthan, Mouje Aagar Takli, Gandhi Nagar, Nashik- 422006 Maharashtra, India. This is the first Math (Centre of Upaasana / Worship.) established by RashtraGuru Samarth Raamdaas Swaami. At this place he used to perform twelve hundred SuryaNamaskar. He practised the NityaKarma of SuryaNamaskar for twelve years at this place. He established more than twelve hundred Math throughout India to advocate the spiritual heritage of SuryaNamaskar. He brought about social and political change to help everybody experience RamRajya on personal level and helped establish Hindavi Swaraajya in Maharashtra.

I pray RashtraGuru Samarth Raamdaas Swaami to grant us the ability to attain the goal and humbly pray Prabhu RaamRaaya to give His blessings to fulfill our desire.

RathaSaptami- 2016