Aum Aadityaaya Namah

The word Aaditya means the son of Aaaditi. AadiMaya is the source of birth and growth of the entire universe. Hence, Aaditi is supposed to be the mother (Aaee) of all Gods. The word Aaee in Marathi language is of two alphabets Aa+Eee. ‘Aa’ (Aadi) indicates the basic source of creation and ‘Eee’ indicates the Ishwar source / the governing power of all the working force. Aaditi is the wife of Bruhaspati. Bruhaspati is the "knowledge incarnated”. He is the Guru, the care taker of his followers, who guards off all bad elements from his disciples and leads them to the absolute TRUTH. He is the priest of all the Gods. The SUN is the son of Aaditi and Bruhaspati. HE is the image of strength and intelligent. He is the worthy son of the celestial parents. The Sun God gives to the world whatever HE has received from HIS parents-Aaditi and Bruhaspati. HE is the true follower of the commandments, customs and traditions of HIS parents. We all are the creation of the Sun God. The entire big bunch of all the Divine Qualities of the Sun God is the heritage of all the human beings. Bow to the sun God in the memory of this divine heritage. Beg HIM to give power to use this heritage in your day-to-day life.

  • Ardha-bhujanga-asan: Breathe in.
  • The vital point: The Aadnya Chakra.
  • The colour of the Chakra: Lotus white.
  • Location: On the forehead between the eyebrows.
  • Ruling element: Aakash. (Maanas)
  • Relation to body: Mind.
  • Objectives: To give downward stretch to the right leg.

Useful to treat and prevent: Respiratory diseases, hypertension etc. Thoughts become clear, brain bright concentration sharp. Result: Intellectual work with confidence. Muscle pains in thighs, knees, calves, ankles are relieved.

  • Don’t change the position of your palm.
  • Refer to Aum Bhanave Namah. (Ardha-bhujang-asan.)
  • Keep the left foot and the palms firm on the ground.
  • Stretch the right leg backwards.
  • Touch the right knee and toe to the ground.
  • Fold the left knee. (The calf, the back part of the thigh and the last rib of the left chest touching each other.)
  • Keep both the hands straight.
  • Put your chest out. Lift up the shoulders to touch the head.
  • Push your head backwards.
  • Look towards the sky.